Seafarer Licenses


The Panama Maritime Authority, through the Directorate General of Seafarers (DGGM), notifies that as of November 1st 2001, panamanian merchant marine consulates only accept applications for Title Endorsement under STCW 95 regulations.
DGGM will issue a Title Endorsement with the same capacity, function, level, limitations and validity of the license attached to the application for Panamanian Title Endorsement. This license must have been issued by the maritime authority of a country within the “white list” published by the International Maritime Organization.

I. Every application form must have the following administrative requirements:
1. Application form
2. 6 color pictures 3 x 3 centimeters
3. Copy of passport*
4. Medical Fitness Certificate (Regulation I/9)

II. Applications for Officer Title Endorsement (Regulation I/10), must present the following documents:
1. Administrative Requirements (Point I)
2. Title endorsement in accordance with the STCW 95 convention (Regulation I/2) from the applicant´s country.*

III. Applications for Officer Title Revalidation for:
A) Titled officers and officers with Panamanian licenses obtained by exam, under STCW 78 regulations, must present the following documents:
1. Administrative Requirements (Point I)
2. Personal Survival Techniques Course (IMO 1.19)*
3. Fire Prevention and Basic Fire Fighting (IMO 1.20)*
4. Elementary First Aid (IMO 1.13)*
5. Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (IMO 1.21)*
6. Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Course (IMO 1.23)*

7. Course for:
a. STCW 95 Update (Regulation I/11), for licenses endorsed under STCW 78 regulations; or
b. STCW 95 License Refresher; or
c. License Upgrade, accordingly

B) All Deck Officer Applications must present copies of the following certificates:
1. Radar Observer Course (IMO 1.07, 1.09, Regulation II/1-3)*
2. ARPA Course (Required if the equipment is available on the ship. IMO 1.08, Regulation II/1-3)*
3. GMDSS Course (IMO 1.25 or 1.26, Regulation IV/2)*

C) Master and First Deck Officer Applications must present copies of the following certificates:
1. Medical Care Course (IMO 1.15, Regulation VI/4)*
2.Advanced Fire-Fighting Course (IMO 2.03, Regulation VI/3)*

D) All Engineering Officer Applications are required to fulfill Point I, and Points II or III accordingly.


IV. All Radio Operator Applications (GOC, ROC, etc.), must comply with the following requirements:
1. Administrative Requirements (Point I)
2. Copy of Radio Operator Title (License) (GMDSS, IMO 1.25 or 1.26, Regulation IV/2) or (Radio Electronic 1st & 2nd Class, Section B-IV/2), etc

Licenses issued to Officers or Ratings non-citizens of the country issuing the title will be endorsed, as long as the country is part of the “white list”, and the applicant can prove he’s been trained in any center recognized by that Maritime Administration, and that it doesn’t go against the spirit of Regulation I/10. Training will be proved submitting credits and diplomas from training centers, duly endorsed by the maritime administration from that country.


V. All Rating Applications, must present the following requirements:
1. Administrative Requirements (Point I)
2. Enrollment or Discharge book with the last two years experience or a letter proving experience*
3. Personal Survival Techniques Course (IMO 1.19)*
4. Fire Prevention and Basic Fire Fighting Course (IMO 1.20)*
5. Elementary First Aid (IMO 1.13)*
6. Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (IMO 1.21)

VI. Ratings forming part of the personnel within a navigation or engine room watch, must also submit certificates according to Regulation II/4 or III/4 of the STCW 95 convention.

VII. Marine Technician++ Applications, are required to present the following:

1. Administrative Requirements (Point I)
2. Letter of experience or other document evidencing position held onboard*

++Note: The position of Marine Technician does not include: Fitter, Carpenter, Electric Engineer, Electrician, Fireman, Pumpman, Reeferman, and Welder. These positions must comply with Point V of the Instructive, and Regulation VI/1 of the STCW95.

The Medical Fitness Certificate must be issued by a doctor recognized by the maritime administration of the country, authorized to carry out examinations to seafarers. Every consulate is obliged to request from the maritime authority of that country a list of the authorized doctors and send a copy to it’s respective Documentation Regional Center and to the Certification Department of the DGGM.











Only application forms for issuance of a transitory certificate (CT) complying with every requirement herein will be processed. Otherwise the application form will be considered deficient, therefore the statutory documents requested will not be issued within the 90 days stipulated, which might bring about inconveniences to users and ship owners. We remind you that the transitory certificate (CT) is valid for 90 days, which are non-extendable. Therefore, it is necessary that all applications fulfill the documentation required.